Do Not Dare Test Your Pain Threshold

Do Not Dare Test Your Pain Threshold

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Have you heard this saying before? If you are or were involved in sport, whether professionally or recreationally, you should be quite familiar with it by now. And if you are or were one of those who (had to) frequent the gym for strength training, muscle building and conditioning purposes, you may have been part of that old school school of thought that is – no pain, no gain. In latter years, sports scientists from all quarters have openly declared war on this dangerous philosophy of the training ground.

Many sportsmen and women, perhaps even you, have come to experience that to push your bodies to such limits is actually quite foolish and turns out to be quite hazardous to your health. The saying goes that the moment you feel or endure any pain is the moment you simply stop what you are doing and evaluate. You take a breather, in other words. There is no shame in doing this. In actual fact, it is quite smart.

Pain, as it turns out, can be a killer, to put it harshly. Spare a thought for those readers who currently find themselves having to deal with chronic pain. At the same time, this does not mean that you should exclude yourself from being a valuable client or patient of the chronic pain service center near you because perhaps you are beginning to experience manifestations of those symptoms that could lead to untreatable pain.

Untreatable in the sense that no amount of prescription drugs, particularly cortisone injections, and even surgical treatments, will work. Early detections always lead to better outcomes from a health and wellness point of view. Finally, let this note serve out as a warning to you to not test your pain threshold.