Common Myths & Misconceptions About Substance Abuse

Common Myths & Misconceptions About Substance Abuse

There are numerous myths and misconceptions surrounding substance abuse out there. Chances are that you’ve heard at least a handful of them in the past. We’re here to shed some light on these myths. After all, the truth can set you free, especially when it concerns such an important topic.

Myth 1: Addiction is a Choice

A highly debatable topic for some time now, scientific evidence shows us that addiction is certainly a disease and not a simple choice that is made, despite what people might think. Diseases can be treated with the right help in place. People will say what they may, but the evidence to contradict their every word is there.

Myth 2: I Can Stop Using

You are only lying to yourself to believe that you can stop using whenever you are ready. If that were the case, you probably would’ve made that decision already. Addiction is hard and usually takes a group of people working together to alleviate the problem.

Myth 3: After Recovery, I Am Healed

Addiction is a lifelong battle for every user. The temptations to use may always be in the back of your mind, but after rehab you will have the tools to overcome the thoughts and the urges. There are groups, classes, and counseling, as well as support from loved ones, that will also help you recover long after rehab is completed.

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Myth 4: Treatment Doesn’t Help

Anyone who has ever dealt with a problem with substance abuse in maryland can testify to the benefits they get when attending rehab. It is not easy to break free from the cycle of addiction alone. Men and women both benefit from substance abuse help, whether they choose to go to an inpatient facility or use outpatient services instead.