An MRI in a Comfortable Way

An MRI in a Comfortable Way

As soon as your doctor has ordered an MRI for you, it is important to make an appointment with an imaging center. This scan is vital to your diagnosis. It is the only way the doctor can see what is going on inside of you so they can provide the proper form of treatment for your condition.

open MRI scanner

What is Open MRI?

The traditional form of an MRI scan is done in a confined, tight space that leaves many people panicking. That is hardly something most want to deal with if they are claustrophobic. At the same time, you need to get the scan. The solution is an open MRI scanner.

The open MRI provides the same high quality imaging that a regular MRI scan will. One is not better than the other. The advantage is that you will not be cooped up into a tight space to get the scan so you do not have to be at all concerned about the procedure.

It is Safe

Unlike an x-ray or CT scan, an MRI does not use x-radiation at all. It uses an electromagnetic field that is very powerful instead. The result is less radiation exposure and a better image quality for soft tissue imaging. It works on all levels and it is perfectly safe, much safer than the common x-ray.

This type of scan has been done millions of times with great results. It is probably the best way to see issues in the body without surgery.

Insurance Works

All insurance companies will cover an open MRI if they cover a regular one. For the most part, the open system is replacing the original scan. As a result, it has become most common for people to use an open MRI. Most clinics have that rather than the other. Your insurance should cover it.